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VGK Foundation is a non-profit organization or a charitable trust that provides grants to organizations, institutions, or individuals for charitable purposes such as science, education, culture, and religion. Foundations play a crucial role in addressing societal issues and supporting various causes, from education and health to the arts and environmental conservation. They are funded by families, individuals, or corporations and are required to give away a certain amount of their assets every year.
VGK Foundation mission statement is a succinct encapsulation of its fundamental, unique purpose. It serves as the core of the organization, providing ethical and strategic guidance, rallying the staff and donors around a common goal, and adding clarity to operations. It answers key questions such as what the foundation does, whom it serves, and how it serves them. The mission statement influences and shapes the organizational culture and provides a framework for making decisions.
VGK Foundation foundation’s vision statement is a vivid description of the future state that the organization aspires to achieve. It’s an image of the future that the foundation’s trustees aspire to create. This statement serves as a guide for choosing current and future courses of action. It’s a forward-looking declaration that defines what the foundation will pursue, but not how it will be achieved. The vision statement should be inspirational and aspirational, creating a mental image of what the world would look like if the foundation achieved its ultimate goal.

What We Do?

We believe that we can save more lifes with you

Healthy Food

Our foundation is deeply committed to promoting the importance of healthy food for a vibrant and fulfilling life.

Pure Water

Our foundation is passionately dedicated to the cause of pure water. We believe that access to clean, safe drinking water is a fundamental human right.

Health Care

Our foundation is passionately committed to the cause of health care. We believe that everyone has the right to quality health care, regardless of their economic or social status.

Primary Education

We believe that every child, regardless of their background, has the right to a quality primary education. Primary education forms the bedrock of development

Residence Facilities

We believe that everyone deserves a safe and comfortable place to call home.Our residential facilities are designed to provide a nurturing environment that supports the well-being of our residents

Social Care

Our social care initiatives are designed to support the socio-economic development of backward communities, providing support to the handicapped, and empowering women and children.


Meals Provided


Stray Adoption


Families Fed


Migrants Transported

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VGK Foundation Biggest Celebration Of Good Cinema For Children & Youth

The festival got an overwhelming response from the audience as more than 10,000 children from the city turned up and the films ran to packed auditoriums.

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One of the largest participatory sports-cum-fundraising platforms for civil society organisations in the country, the Tata Mumbai Marathon was a great success repeating the success of earlier years.

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Let’s make a difference in the lives of others

As a volunteer, you’ll have the chance to contribute to our various initiatives, from education and youth sports to health and wellness, and support for military and first responders.Volunteering not only allows you to give back to the community but also provides an opportunity to develop new skills, make new friends, and experience the joy of helping others


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VGK Foundation: Project Vidya

VGK Foundation is a force to reckon with in the realm of philanthropy and social responsibility. Their upcoming initiative Project Vidya stands out as brightly as it is rooted in a deep commitment to uplifting communities across generations. This flagship program will do social work for underprivileged children, offering them a path to a brighter and more promising future.


What Impact Does the VGK Foundation’s Helping Hands Charity Have?

The VGK Foundation aims to improve the lives of underprivileged masses by providing them with the resources required to live a dignified life. A major impact we strive to make through our work is to help the disadvantaged overcome their economic and financial limitations, while developing a sense of human empathy and charity amongst citizens.


Kambal Sukoon Ka- A Blanket Donation Drive By VGK Foundation

We all must have heard this famous Hindi proverb, “BOOND BOOND SE SAGAR BHARTA HAI”. Even a humble contribution of Rs 100 will enable us to provide blankets to those in need. Your goodwill andsupport has the power to save lives by providing not just physical warmth but also a sense of security and care.The ripple effect of such initiatives.


No ‘brakes’ on learning during summer break!

What memories do you have of your summer break? Most of us made our fondest childhood memories during this time. It was a break that all children looked forward to with joyous anticipation- a time to play without care, pick up new hobbies at a summer camp, learn about new things through school assigned activities, visit new places with family and for some of us, catch up with school work and even get ahead on our syllabus.


Working at the Systems Level to Solve the Learning Crisis.

There have been sincere efforts from government as well as non-government actors, across the globe and in India, to solve the problem of low learning levels among children through programs, projects, and interventions for ‘quality education’ at the school, block, district, and state level. However, the fact that most of them have not led to any substantial, lasting or sustainable impact.


Using Behavioral Insights to Increase Parental Engagement on FLN

Solving the foundational learning (FLN) crisis in India cannot be achieved by school systems without support from parents and communities. Studies show that involving parents in their children’s learning can positively affect their child’s academic performance and socio-emotional development. Children spend 80% of their time at home and parents play a critical.